Summer is a hot Afro-Cuban Brazilian Mix-Babe from the Deep Dirty South.  We met her in an online chat room and the next week she was with us making her first adult movies.  Summer is in her very early 20’s and really beginning to explore  sex, her body and everything that makes being grown up.

Summer - JuicyBunny Girl |

For her shoot we had some very special plans.  Summer likes to self-explore and explore other people.  In addition she does not mind getting a little freaky in the bathtub as she lets go all her inhibitions and squirts for all she is worth.  We spent a warm summer afternoon with this college girl and got plenty of photos and videos just for JuicyBunny members to see.  Don’t look around or wait around, you will find little content outside of JuicyBunny that features this deep dish lover.


16 June 2011
Santa Monica nominated for best Ethnic amateur site at UrbanX Awards 2 Years Running!

For the 2nd Year in a row, ( ) has been nominated for the Best Ethnic Amateur Internet Site at the prestigious UrbanX Awards ( ). FTT Company spokesman, RJ Castle had this to say, “What a wonderful surprise and great news for us. We are humbled to be nominated two years running, for our efforts. *JuicyBunny* (all one word, with a capitol B) is a concept we have developed over a long period of enjoying the beauty and sexuality of women from all over the world. We currently have more than 90 models featured on our site from more than 25 countries – and that list is growing each month. JuicyBunny is a sweet girl, a hot girl, a total amateur, who loves sex and needs an outlet to explore that desire. We provide the outlet. We are not meant to be a sterile, professional amateur site, we are meant to be a portal into another world. The real world of sex with teens, MILFs and older women, who are ready to explore and be explored. We thank UrbanX Awards for recognizing our world-welcoming views with regard to the beauty and sexuality of women from all over the world, no matter their shape, color, size or age.” has just launched our affiliate program ( ) with industry leader, CCBill. Haruka, RJ’s partner said this, “We are so happy to be with CCBill and encourage webmasters to take advantage of our many tools, galleries and assistance. We want to make every day, a JuicyBunny Day.”

We are available for interviews, photo and media requests genuinely accepted and hoped for.

FTT Entertainment

We met Cherry while on a stroll through Venice Beach.  She smiled and gave us that special look that said she was most definitely interested.  After some small talk and a few photos off the walk we came back to the JuicyBunny pad and had our first photo and video session.  This was Cherry’s first time doing full nudes that show her sweet and tasty little Cherry.  This Babe is a natural and ready for every inch we can give her…

Cherry, African Goddess ONLY at

Meet Cherry, Our Sweetest Darkest Berry of Lust at

These are shots from our first photo shoot.  Cherry looked beautiful in the light summer dress.  She looks even better when we get her out of it.

Exclusive Model, Cherry, only at

We love thick hot chocolate, don't you?

Cherry loves to model and loves to get naked for the camera.  When we were shooting Cherry for this set she would push her foot out to massage our cocks during each shot… By the end of the shoot we were hard as rocks and she was a as wet as a river Nile fish.

Hot Chocolate girl, Cherry, only at

Sweet Dark Chocolate Cherry, loves to play at

Half way through our shoot, Cherry was getting very wet and sticky.  She asked us if she could take a quick shower and we said of course.  A few minutes later as we passed by the bathroom we heard some faint moans and sighs.  We grabbed our video camera and went back inside…to find Cherry leaning against the back wall as she fingered herself to a hot and wet orgasm.  This girl can squirt and she cums deeply when rubbing her tiny lil pussy with her thick strong fingers.  See Cherry squirt twice at

Horny African Violet, Cherry

Watch Sweet Cherry get wet and squirt just for you!

Her thick full nipples and firm nubile breasts, she is just 18!  And that is for real.  You can always tell by how tight the models body is and even more so by Cherry’s tight sweet pussy.  She loves to have her pussy eaten for hours so she can cum and cum again as you sink your fat cock into her.  Multi-orgasmic, Cherry loves to please and will do her best for you at

Perfect African Goddess, Cherry only at

African Goddess of Fertility, Cherry, only at

Our last shot for you.  If you want to see more of sweet Cherry you have to JOIN  SO many models, so much content.  You will always be a happy member at

Exclusive Bunny, Cherry, only at

Cherry gives you a peek at her sweet chocolate saucey nipples.

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