Jun 042012

Thai Babe, Kiwi Ling did a shoot for us not too long ago.  Kiwi is a freak on camera and a freak in bed.  We did a short little squirting scene in the bathroom and when the Director slid his fingers along her velvety pussy, Kiwi just sucked his fingers deep inside.


Kiwi is a lot of fun during a shoot.  We had some guys helping us out and she wanted to climb and grind on each of them.  One lucky gaffer had Kiwi jump in his back and ride him around the location.  No telling what would have happened if we weren’t there.  Kiwi is a giving porn star and always glad to rub it up with a new lover.


Kiwi’s favorite position is doggy-style.  When you sign up you can see in a lot of positions.  She loves nice fat rotating cocks and can pack one in deep.  To get your freak on with Kiwi, sign up here.

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