Thai amateur Babe does a hot strip down after she gets in our place off the beach.  Luck is always hot and horny and loves the chance for farang cock.  Watch her take our man’s cock in every hole she can fit it into.


In the small town in Northwest China where Mei-Mei comes from, young girl learn two things as they turn 18.  You either work the farm or you work the cocks.  Mei-Mei decided she looks soft warm fleshy things going in her instead of cleaning up after warm furry things crappy everywhere.  Mei-Mei craves sex.  She fantasizes about it all day long until its time to hit the nightlife in her one yak town.  When she made it to the big city, she was like a Black Cat Firecracker, Popping and Firing up the town with pure raw sexuality.



J-Lo ain’t got nothing on Jenny.  Jenny is a true Thai sweetheart.  Playful, dirty and she can behave in the hotel room and in front of mom and dad.  Jenny is one of those girls who fly under the radar in Thailand.  She’s the pearl you must search for.  We have her and she is down for anything you have in mind.


Ing has a sweet hole no fool can stay out of.  She’s been in Bangkok a year or two and she is still tight enough to pop ping pong balls all the way to Pattaya.  If you want to see how far she can really pop, sign up now and get all the 160 plus JuicyBunny girls.  From all over Asia and soon enough, all over you.  Sorry, to passersby, members only.


We were always shooting Bo at the house or a motel room and today decided to get outside and get some fresh air.  It was after Thai New Years and was just starting to heat up.  And so was Bo.  So we were off to a little park north of Bangkok.  Get your PASS today and see why Thai girls heat up the world!

Bo -

Those are real by the way.  The thing I love about shooting in Thailand is the girls are true hard bodies.  They are not very lazy so sports and working hard come like second nature just like fucking hard.  We have a bunch of pics and videos of Bo and her GFs and even a little hardcore.

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