Mar 272012

We had the chance to do a short interview with Nozomi.  She is kinda shy at first but she opened up when an older guy helped us out with the questions.  Nozomi is a hot teen attending welfare/hospital school in the suburbs of Tokyo.  She’s doing this work in order to help pay her rent and for school stuff.

Kamaji – HI, Nozomi, How are you doing?

Nozomi:  I am fine.  A little cold.

Kamaji – So tell us about who Nozomi is.

Nozomi – I am a simple girl from the suburbs of Tokyo, near to where I go to school.   I am studying to work in the hospital or hospice, maybe the nursing home.  I basically want to help look after older people, as they retire and need more attention.

Haruto (enters the room) – Hey, I’m older guy.  You like the older men, Nozomi, don’t you?

Nozomi – Giggles.  (She smiles and nods yes.)

Haruto – Maybe you can practice on me today.  You want to change some diapers and wash my cock?  Maybe we can take the shower together and you can “clean” me.

Everyone laughs.

Kamaji – So, Nozomi, you have the boyfriend now?  You better look out for Naruto, he wants to take you home and do the dirty things to you. I can tell by the way he’s grabbing your tits through your shirt.

Everyone laughs.

Nozomi – Yes. I have the boyfriend now for about six months.  We don’t have sex very much so I am bored and looking.  He is busy with school and his work.

Haruto – Well, you are in the right place, Nozomi.You are going to have lots of sex today.  And if you come to my place later you can make an old man forget his unhappy childhood in Osaka.

Everyone laughs.

Kamaji – Nozomi, how old were you when you have the first sex?

Nozomi – I was 15.  The guy was 21.

Haruto – 21?  Dirty guy.  Don’t he know he can go to jail for that?

Everyone laughs

Nozomi – He was my tutor.  He helped me to pass the exams for the school I am in now.

Haruto – You’re kidding me.  Seriously?  You mean your parents pay him to fuck you?  Did they know this?

Nozomi – Laughs nervously.  No, they do not know anything.  We had sex all over the house.  He was horny and very hard.  I said yes any time he wants to fuck me so… we fucked many times.

Haruto – Lucky guy.  I want to fuck you, Nozomi.  I think Kamaji is ready to fuck you now too.  You want 3 guys in one time?

Nozomi – That would be nice. Okay.

We all look at each other.  Start loosening our clothes.  We send the PA (production assistant) out for alcohol and condoms.  (hehe)

Kamaji – What is your favorite position?

Nozomi – I really like to have the oral sex on me and to give to my lover.  Since I was teenager girl I really liked to suck the penis.  For fucking, I like to be on top.  I like to bounce up and down.  I am in fairly good shape so I can fuck really hard and very fast.  I like the cock deep inside of me.

Haruto – We gonna give you many chances today and tonight, Nozomi-chan.

Everyone laughs, including Nozomi.

Kamaji – Tell us the first time you masturbate.  Japanese girls like to masturbate and play with themselves right?

Everyone short laugh then look seriously to Nozomi for her answer.

Nozomi – First time I started, I was in elementary school, like 9 or 10.  I did not know what it was but it felt very good.  I like to climb the ropes and the poles in gym class.  Squeeze my legs together and tighten my legs.

Naruto, Kamaji, PA, Camera Op – EHHHHHH?????

Nozomi – It felt so good.  I liked to do it a lot.  I began to do it in front of my parents and other adults.  I would get warm feeling inside.  At night, when I take off my clothes for bath I had to hide my underwears from mother.  There was sticky stuff on them.  I don’t know if it was cum but I leaked.  If you see young girls doing such activities, like poles and ropes… you can know they are enjoying themselves.  But it is a secret.

Kamaji – I see. (Stares at Haruto and others)

Nozomi – First time I knew what I was doing, was something like Junior High School.  It feels so good. I love to masturbate.  I love to cum.

Haruto – I want to see.  Why don’t you get naked, Nozomi.  I think we all want to cum now.

Nozomi – Ok.

She smiles and stands up to undress.

We all get ready.

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