Jul 222012


Pinky came over after I told her we had a new toy we wanted her to taste out.  She was there within the hour.  Pinky is an adventurous girl.  She loves to dress up and look pretty and she loves to show off her hot body.  More than that, she loves to cum.  You can see Pinky in all of her unashamed glory at JuicyBunny.com


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May 302012

Pinky is one of my favorite JuicyBunny Girls.  Asian, sweet and loves to tease.  If she didn’t have such hot puffy nipples and a tight shaved pussy, I would not be lovin’ her so much but…when the girl can deliver the goods.  We accept.


Pinky was hot for this shoot.  As were talking and she was getting naked I could see her tight Chinese pussy getting very wet.  Pinky loves the camera.  She loves to role-play and live a fantasy, glamorous life.  Being a porn model for JuicyBunny was her dream and she lived her dream well.


Pinky loves nipple play.  When you sign up at JuicyBunny.com you can see all of her videos and her thousands of photos.  Pinky loves to tweak her nipples and especially loves her nipples licked and sucked and played with as her man goes down on her or sticks his cock deep into her.  Take your chance and go for a ride… a JuicyBunny ride now and sign up today.


Aug 142011

Pinky is an amateur model that’s been in the States for a few years.  She came to the US to grow and become an independent woman.  We met at a club some time ago and began to chat.  I thought she was very cute and gave her my card.  She was dating someone at the time but the minute that ended, I got a call.


We met and had a nice talk over sushi.  She was gorgeous and very cute in heart and spirit and after we ate she pulled off her top to give me a good look at her breasts.  I love Asian girls with puffy nipples and Pinky’s are quite puffy.  When she gets excited they get more so.  If you’d like to see her nude and in very sexy outfits, come round and join up at JuicyBunny.com


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