Dec 152011

Here are some screenshots from Evelyn Lin’s photo shoot with JuicyBunny.

We try to videotape as many of the photo shoots as possible.  Its a cool document for us and for the members its another chance to see their favorite model or star in action.  Usually the models are in a different mood for the photo shoot, more engaged in the image rather than the actual video when they are more focused on the sex play.

Evelyn was really cool to work with and pretty sharp.  Personally I love really hot and really smart women.  And Evelyn Lin is both.

When you sign up to you get to see another side of Evelyn, her deep, dark and shaved side, as well as her beautiful smile and smokin hot body.


Aug 142011

Pinky is an amateur model that’s been in the States for a few years.  She came to the US to grow and become an independent woman.  We met at a club some time ago and began to chat.  I thought she was very cute and gave her my card.  She was dating someone at the time but the minute that ended, I got a call.

We met and had a nice talk over sushi.  She was gorgeous and very cute in heart and spirit and after we ate she pulled off her top to give me a good look at her breasts.  I love Asian girls with puffy nipples and Pinky’s are quite puffy.  When she gets excited they get more so.  If you’d like to see her nude and in very sexy outfits, come round and join up at


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