Best Friends Forever turned into Best Friends Forever with benefits for our shoot with Ashley and Brenda.  The original plan was to shoot the girls separately but after each girl began to have some fun their inhibitions dropped to the floor and all it took was a second to get the girls in bed and ready to play.

As the shoot went on the girls found our famous purple double headed and all 14 inches dildo to play with.  The girls loved trying to fit it in their tight holes.  Brenda needed to lube up and Ashley kept going for her ass.  She likes anal apparently.

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Our first shoot with Brenda was pretty chaotic.  She brought her girlfriend we we never met and they brought bags of clothes, sex toys and their personal lives right on to the set.  Lucky for us, their personal lives were and are filled with boys, sex and lots of both.

Korean-American amateur Brenda


18 year old Brenda answered our Craigslist AD for a set production assistant.  When we told her about the gig and the pay, she wasn’t that interested. When we told her about the Modeling Gig, she signed right up.  We have hours of video and pix of Brenda and her hot Laguna Beach Girlfriend, Arlene. See them both inside JuicyBunny as they get naked and play.

These girls were first timers so you have to forgive the fact their sex scenes are very really and very hot.  Enjoy this hot shot of Brenda.  Inside you can see all of her in and see just how deep she can take a fat double headed dildo.

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