Oct 082011


Bena is one of our favorite Eastern European girls to join JuicyBunny.com Bena comes from the eastern part of Russia and is warm and friendly and loves to please.  She is shy and demure but loves to get naked and show off her tight teen body, her perfect teen tits and tight little pussy.  If you like Eastern Euro girls, please welcome Bena and sign up today to see all of her naughty content.


Sep 302011

This was Alexia’s first porn shoot in Los Angeles.  In fact, it was her first porn shoot ever, shot back in the Spring of 2009.  This is the first time this content is hitting the web as we have been keeping it under lock and key.  Alexia was a natural and loved to show off her tight and slender Thai body.  Her long silky legs, small pert breasts and perfect Thai pussy were the perfect ingredients for a great afternoon’s shoot.

It took her a little while to fit the big jack rabbit in her tight pussy.  But after a few deep strokes she got the hang of it and pumped her tight little cunt for one hot orgasm after another.  We asked her what her favorite fantasy was and she sad she always wanted to be awakened by a handsome intruder who forced her to play with herself and then him.  We did the first part and will let you fantasize about the second.  For this shoot Alexia was in kimono, little soldier girl and a cute Japanese high school girl’s phys ed uniform.  Sign up for JuicyBunny today and see all of Alexia’s JuicyBunny movies and pictures and more than 100 girls from all over the world, for one low price.

Sep 142011


Korean amateur Babe Kuku appears for the very first time at JuicyBunny.com and at any adult site for that matter.  She is a college girl now in Southern Cal and not sure if school is for her.  Lucky for us she is pretty open-minded and loves to tease.  So sign up now and get her photo sets and videos at JuicyBunny.com.  Discover the heat that is Korean girls.

Aug 082011


We met Mika through a friend of a friend.  Her English was not that good so we had to work to book the gig but we were really glad we did.  Mika is a submissive and loves sex and loves to please.  She’s also a rock n roller which was pretty cool too.  We arranged a shoot with her just as she was headed back out of the country for good.  We asked her what she was down for and she told us anything we wanted to do was fine with her.  Just no big cocks in her ass and she was cool.


For this shoot we kept Mika on the bed just where we like our favorite girls.  We took a short break to shoot a golden shower scene where Mika squirted everywhere.  Warm, yellow, Mika all over, was an interesting experience to say the least.

As we got into the shoot Mika decided she wanted to jam the jackrabbit up her ass.  As she got off she pulled my hand into her pussy and begged me to finger fuck her.  I obliged and as she got off she climbed off the bed and on to my dick. You won’t see that but lets say after 4 years of shooting porn in Los Angeles, Mika still has a very tight pussy.  We planned to get back together but before we could meet she was on a plane and gone.  However we have about an hour of very nice content that shows the real Mika getting deep and getting her pussy ripped by a cwazy wabbit.




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