Jun 182011

One night me and the boys decided to hit a strip club out in the Valley.  It was newbs and porn stars night and we thought we might score some sweet puss who was new to the game.  We got in about 11 and the place was a little quiet so in 5 minutes we had the hottest babes climbing all over us.  We settled in to the  big comfy chairs, you know the club I’m talking bout?  Off Saticoy and something.  I got more titties in my face that night and free dick rubs than I got in the last month….And then in walked Angelina.

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Up on the stage was the most beautiful woman in the club and one of the hottest chica locas I have ever seen.  Muey Guapa Times 1000!  15 minutes into seeing her we paid for a private and got the sweetest smelling, and tasting pussy tossed right into our face.  This girl was aching for a cum…so we got her number and called her a few days later.  The rest is fucking history.

See Sweet Mexican amateur, Angelina in her first adult shoots ever for JuicyBunny.com. Hot, horny and very fuckable, Angelina was ready for anything we had going. Seems her man was the 15 sec king if you know what I mean and she needed some pipe to make her feel a whole lot better – and that’s just what happens at JuicyBunny.

Angelina had been on the job about a week when we met up. She was the Diamond of the Queen’s Palace. Beautiful, fun, friendly, a little naive, but very sweet and very pro.  She is a Sweet Addition to the JuicyBunny Girls Lineup.



We got together and started taking some pix and then she tells me she likes to dress up and roleplay. So we did several costume changes, you’ll see them inside as well as some very special videos.  Angelina was a first timer when we worked with her so she is not a tired and boring model. She is FRESH, HOT, and GETS VERY WET.

Angelina can also take an 8 inch cock with ease and provided one of the hottest scenes on JuicyBunny.  Join our girls to get all their videos, including photos (3-D by piclens), and much more.

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