Jun 102012

Brunette teen Ank was hot for a photo shoot.  Bad economies are hitting around the world and in her country its not much better, maybe worse than in U.S.  Besides, Ank likes getting naked and showing off her flawless teen body, especially those fat and full puffy nipple titties –  and Ank can’t imagine working a real job to save her life.  So showing some titty and her sweet teen pussy…works.

Ank is just finishing her first year of biz school.  She’s hoping to put enough bread together to hit the Black Sea for some raves, some bath salts and some serious fucking.  Won’t you help her out? The more peeps who join the more shoots we can do with this little sweety.

Ank likes a little bit of fur.  Not completely shaved and not hairy.  Just enough hair on her pussy to give her lover something to work his through to get to her fat little labia.  Ank is lean and fit with nice big titties.  Bet you’d like to ride her, huh?  Well, you can do the next best thing by signing up today and seeing all her work with us.  We plan on adding more soon too.  We love that Ank, baby.

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