Feb 232012

Ashley came to Brenda’s shoot.  Kind of, as a bonus girl.  Brenda was nervous as it was her first time.  When Ashley saw the fun, she wanted in.  This was her first and only shoot.  She and Brenda broke up soon after, so Ashley’s shooting days were over.  Too bad, cause we discovered during the shoot Ashley has a taste for kink and for anal.


Once Ashley relaxed a bit she quickly got into the mood.  This is one of my favorite shots of her.  Her long legs and tight teen body come through this shot in the bath.  Her pussy was ultra tight.  After all, she had just turned 18.


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Feb 162012

Please welcome Sandra London to JuicyBunny.com.  We will be releasing photo and video galleries this week at JuicyBunny and will also be starting a site with Sandra playing a big part in it called EbonyPussy XXX.  The site will be a bunch of girls we have shot over the years and new girls we are shooting now as well as friends from Europe and Africa, REAL African girls who will be sending us their own self-shot content, exclusively, just for you, fans of the JuicyBunny Girls.http://www.juicybunny.com/tour_1/

These pics were shot at Sandra’s apartment in Los Angeles.  We met a few weeks ago and it has been true porn love ever since.  You can expect a lot of content to come from this relationship as well as interesting stories, erotica and feature projects we are going to work together to bring to you, the Legion of JuicyBunny Lovers.


We’ve already shot some very hot boy-girl content with Sandra who loves cock.  Her favorite is long and slender cocks that she can ride til she cums.  Sandra is into guys form all over the world.  Just be nice and respectful and she will return the love a thousand times.


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Feb 042012

We love all natural girls at JuicyBunny.  Leona is a fine example of Chinese  teen with high octane sexuality.  She arrived at the shoot and said she was open.  She wanted to experience something new and thought it could be a turn on for her to get naked and show her pussy to strangers.  We smiled.  We agreed. 🙂 – See one of her exclusive galleries here.


We started the shoot in the living room.  Leona wore some nice summer clothes.  We almost shot our loads when she pulled off her dress and she had white cotton panties on underneath.  She likes wearing cotton panties.  She loves the feeling against her smoothly shaved pussy.  We like the look.  Do you?

http://juicybunny.com/tour_1/Leona finally showed us her fresh Asian pussy.  It was shaved, super clean and smelled great.  I admit it, I got pretty close and almost got a taste or two.  In the beginning it was hard for Leona to get her slender fingers inside her own pussy.  She told us she normally just plays with her clit or waits for a lover to fuck her.  She was a bit new to masturbating.  But when we showed her some of our toys she got very wet and her long slender fingers slowly slid all the way in.


Have you ever seen a girl cum for real?  We see it all the time at JuicyBunny.  We do not like girls who fake it or think they can fake it.  We like the real deal and we want our members to experience the real deal.  Leona never failed to pop over the day’s session.  I would talk a bit dirty to her and in a few moments she was revved up and ready for play.

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Kamaji, Director

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