Genova answered an AD in a local paper we set up with a photography friend in Prague.  She was laid off and trying to make ends meet.  She also didn’t want to work too hard and admitted she loves sex.  Genova’s into girls, guys, groups… she was down to play whatever game JuicyBunny had in mind.

Genova came over to the photo pad and quickly got comfortable.  When you see her videos you will know she digs the cock and can also French Kiss a sweet babe without any hesitation.  Isn’t that the keyword for life in the 21st Century? “Flexibility”

I love sweet and tight Eastern Euro girls.  They look so clean and virgin but as soon as the door closes behind them and the clothes come off they become the perfect filthy whore…Just the way we like our sex toys.

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This is a new feature we are adding to our blog at JuicyBunny.  We want to give our fans, surfers, members and friends the chance to help select the future bunnies we shoot in the coming months.

Today’s JuicyBunny goes by the name of Mickie.”  In our opinion, Mickie is the perfect example of Sweet African Cherry Girl.  Ripe, perfect tits, tight body, beautiful smile and a pussy that could crack open a beer.  Sweet, Mickie can work the camera and she works our hearts and dicks for sure.

Vote for Mickie by leaving a comment below.  If you vote for her and then sign up for JuicyBunny and we shoot this Bunny we will give you a free month on the BunnyCage.


Just wanted to let all of our fans and members know whats shaking with JuicyBunny for the end of November.  We are working with Imani Rose and very pleased to say so.  Imani is the perfect girl next door type who can take a cock and loves to play with toys.  When I see her I imagine she is a stewardess or lawyer or working at university.  Who would ever think she loves to pay, the JuicyBunny Way.  I will post some pics from the shoot and let you know when her content will be up on the site.

We love Imani and her hot African Pussy and so will you.  Can anybody say “Hell Yeah” for a Sweet Clit!

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Emma might look like a slutty girl to you but to me she is pure angel as she sends me to heaven, 24-7.


Emma loves to cook and look after her man.  She also loves to party and go for thrill rides on the weekend.

Which do you like the most?

HomeGirls or Party Girls?  Drop us a comment and get on our love list. No SPAM just pussy juice from Thailand. 🙂

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Ann comes from the district north of Bangkok.  She was in town just a few days preparing for exams when we ran into her at Discovery Center.  When we were in Bangkok we found the place to be an excellent spot to pick up babes, hint, hint.

She was shy about stripping down at first but after a couple of drinks and some friendly talk and “rubbings” Ann began to relax.

Personally, I am cool with chicks with hair on their pussy.  Its a nice change up from all the shaved paipan babes you get in Japan.  Also,, to me, its a sign of total amateur in Thailand.  I like amateurs and girls who fuck for love and sex not for money.  I love girls who fuck for money too but…its nice finding  non-pro when shooting.  Especially if you intend to sink your dick and your mouth into their pussy.

Ann had never been eaten before and after getting over the shock of what we wanted to do, was game to try…After, we became friends and sometimes met to have lunch or shoot and always the same…”Kamaji, let us go back to your room, I want you to kiss me there…I need it Kam.”  She would give my tongue a little pull and kiss it and suck on it like a cock.

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