Jul 222011

Summer is a hot Afro-Cuban Brazilian Mix-Babe from the Deep Dirty South.  We met her in an online chat room and the next week she was with us making her first adult movies.  Summer is in her very early 20’s and really beginning to explore  sex, her body and everything that makes being grown up.

Summer - JuicyBunny Girl | JuicyBunnyTalk.com

For her shoot we had some very special plans.  Summer likes to self-explore and explore other people.  In addition she does not mind getting a little freaky in the bathtub as she lets go all her inhibitions and squirts for all she is worth.  We spent a warm summer afternoon with this college girl and got plenty of photos and videos just for JuicyBunny members to see.  Don’t look around or wait around, you will find little content outside of JuicyBunny that features this deep dish lover.


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