So after Sisi arrives, we were expecting a 20 year old and Sisi showed up.  She was so beautiful though we did not care about the age difference, she is 35, and we pulled her in the door..  This is our first of several encounters.  Please enjoy, Sisi.

Sisi was a first timer but she was a fast learner.  She is an expert in love making and leaves no pleasure stone unturned.

See all of Sisi’s Movies and Photo Sets Here!

See all of Sisi’s Movies and Photo Sets Here!

Please Welcome, Kitty-Kat to She is a beauty all the way from Taipei, visiting the US from Taipei for some English lessons and some morning, afternoon and evening delights.

Kitty Kat loves to play dress up at JuicyBunny. Here, she is in her favorite schoolgirl outfit. We also find time to put here in some more revealing outfits but you can only see them inside the members area at JuicyBunny.

For our last picture, wouldn’t you just love to look under her shirt? Maybe milk those big fat juggs yourself? Kitty loves to be toyed with, loved on and licked.. Watch her videos as she screams with delight and dies the little death of sweet orgasm as her lover eats her out just for your pleasure.

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